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There are no additional costs associated with our quotes! You get clean vehicles, personable drivers, and customer service with a smile.”-Jesse Yun, Co-owner

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ecoShuttle™ is a Portland transportation service that offers environmentally friendly transportation for an evolving travel industry. By utilizing 100% biodiesel from waste grease, a non-toxic, biodegradable, and carbon-friendly fuel to power our fleet, customers can truly enjoy guilt-free charter bus services. By researching the latest fuel technologies, you will benefit from the promise that we’ll continually upgrade to the most sustainable fuel source on the market. We have a goal to become completely carbon neutral by 2016.

ecoShuttle™ offers two kinds of shuttle services to the communities of the greater Portland area.  An employee and student commuter service, also called the Enivonmental Commuter Options™ (ECO) Program and an entertainment, limousine-style charter and tour service. Each service provides a driver and a versatile mode of transportation that is both good for the environment and convenient and safe for the customer. In return for these amenities, you will receive a clean alternative to driving and an experience that will be remembered forever. You as a passengers will walk away thrilled by a friendly reservation specialist, a shuttle driver who is customer-centric, safe and reliable. You will understand the value of paying a competitive price for a good, honest company that is both family and locally owned.portland_i5sbsr14b.jpg

The ECO vision is to pave the streets with more ecoShuttles and mass transit than single occupant commuters. Not only is it less CO2 and other pollutants in the atmosphere, employers can virtually eliminate parking problems and reduce the overhead costs associated. It’s also a nice employee benefit to offer a shuttle that encourages transit riding.Each regular route is customized to meet your needs!  ecoShuttle™ has the capability of offering free Wifi, an eco-friendly dry cleaning service and a variety of complimentary organic choices, including tea, coffee, morning muffins and fresh fruit. A working environment among co-workers can develop a synergy outside the workplace that can be transferred to the office. Conversely, it can be a time for relaxation as opposed to the stress involved while driving in rush hour traffic.groupvanpic_cropped

All of our charter services are geared towards a worry-free experience, with a seasoned driver to shuttle your group to your favorite destinations. These customizable events include wine tours, outdoor eco-adventures, weddings, and a shuttle for corporate and sporting events. Coast trips, The Columbia Gorge and other Pacific Northwest attractions are also offered. EcoShuttle™ also offers a green-friendly airport shuttle for groups over 5 to and from PDX (Portland International Airport). Our reservation specialists can also take requests for help with transportation and logistics at any special event, such as a birthday party, conferences or art events.

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